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ShenProfessional is the software for an acupuncture doctor or practitioner
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ShenProfessional is the software for acupuncture doctors or practitioners.
Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medical technique. It involves the insertion of needles at particular points in the body. It is very helpful for a wide range of disorders in the body like arthritis, infertility, etc. It is based on the Chinese theory/philosophy of Yin and Yang. They are opposite forces which can be found everywhere in the world. The balance of Yin and Yang is essential for the proper maintenance and functioning of the body. In case of imbalance, diseases affect the body, to rectify this, needles are used to control the chi, the energy that is supposed to flow through the nerves which is composed of Yin and Yang.

The program can store and display lists of various patients and their symptoms, the curative measure adopted, etc., with time and date information and changes observed. There is also a calendar which can keep all the schedules or appointments.

The most important part of the program is the help section. It is a vast information source containing all the acupuncture points of the body. It has the list of symptoms, reasons, nerve points, and is very well organized and can be easily cross referenced. A separate section is available for Chinese Gynecology.

The basics of the Chinese Medicine are explained in simple language and can be very useful for people who are interested in studying this alternative method of medicine. Anyway, we cannot study without the help of a learned person on acupuncture.

There is a cute little Chinese girl’s cartoon (just like the one we saw in the older Microsoft Word programs) who shows all the tips on how to use the program.

I liked the program because I am practicing kung fu and studying the acupressure points, and acupuncture is effective in healing injuries.

Zack Martin
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  • A huge database of all the acupuncture points
  • Detailed help for beginners on needling techniques


  • No info about acupressure technique
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